DBL Insurance

Group Eligibility


​Insurance policies are sold by the number of employees. Business's which have less than 50 employees are in one group, while business's with more than 50 are in another.  

Period of Eligibility


​Employees may become eligible for DBL Insurance after 4 weeks of employment. Part time employees may become eligible after the 25th day of employment.  


Number of Employees


​In order for a business to be required to participate in DBL Insurance, the business must have more than one employee. 

In New York State employer's are required to provide a DBL Plan for its employees. The mandate is designed to provide a weekly cash benefit to your employees for disabilities caused by non-occupational illnesses or injuries. Benefits are payable starting on the 8th day of the illness or disability. The benefit may be provided for up to 26 weeks. The statutory benefits may be equal to 50% of the employees average weekly wage up to a maximum of $170 per week.

An employer may deduct one 1/2 (.5%) of 1% of an employees weekly wage, but may not exceed 60 cents per week towards the cost of the coverage.