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It is often said that employees are the essence of a business. There is no telling when an employee will become sick or injured, but it will happen. When these types of unfortunate events occur, your employees do not need to be put on the spot, or detrimentally impacted. When an injury or illness prevents an employee from working for a prolonged period of time, our DBL Coverages provide important benefits so that they can focus on their recovery.

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With over 25 years in the Insurance Industry, IJU provides out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true consulting skills. Partnering with a diverse group of Insurance Markets, our Brokers can work with almost any business to you them the coverage that you need. When it comes to your New York State DBL, there is no room for error. With constant state and government audits, penalties are popular. Make sure you don't fall prey to these common occurences, by calling us for some free advice!